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Enough Technologies

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An Open Source forum for self empowerment. Registered 501-C3 dedicated to Alternative Energy/efficiency and the promotion of Direct Current devices at the Cross Roads in the Digital Age.

We invite everyone share or declare what works for them as EnoughTechnologies.


Power 2 Choose

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Power 2 Choose is a largely self regenerating uninterruptable power supply. Even if the Power Grid Goes Down You WILL have ALL you need.

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We Run On Sun

Light Cube


With our Revolutionary Solid State Lighting products you will always have Free Light at Your Fingertips. Incandescent light bulbs are fast becoming obsolete.

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  • Free Hot Water
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Evacuated Tube from Lighting Energy Depot  Solar Hot Water from Lighting Energy Depot. +

Tri Cavity Evacuated Tube


21 Tube Standard from Lighting Energy Depot A standard install involves placing the tubes flush to the roof. +

A Standard Install


Custom Install solar hot water setup  In a custom install you may choose a different angle along which to place the tubes. +

A Custom Install



Our Mission

Lighting Energy Depot is dedicated to the development and application of alternative energy.  We believe that ordinary people should have the Power2Choose and Enough Technologies and FreeLight@YourFingertips to achieve a sustainable lifestyle that is more verdant and less dependent.



Claiming Our Free Energy

All that summer  heat we pay BIG utility bills to cool off from and rid our selves of is FREE ENERGY, even in winter!

NOW We Can enjoy a more verdant, Secure Lifestyle Far Less Dependent on a Carbon Based Centralized Power Company.  Read More


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